Jacking it for my best friend’s daughter

You are going on a fishing trip with your best buddy. When you arrive, you see that his daughter is waiting for you. She knows you have a lot of money, so she will help you to jerk off before your trip if you promise to buy her something nice. Her daddy does not buy her anything, but you certainly will. Unzip those pants and let Dani see what you have. You know you have a big cock, so you hope that will impress Dani. She knows that you have been waiting for her to be 18 so that you could show her. Now that she is, this is your chance. If you promise to buy her a new shirt, she will let you see what is underneath the shirt she has on now. That is a good deal, you think, and her tits are perfection. Dani invites you to sit next to her on the couch. If you buy Dani a new purse, she will let you touch her. Of course you agree to this. You would probably agree to cut off one of your fingers if she asked you with her sweet voice. Dani hopes you are not ready to cum yet, since she has not shown you her panties. If you take her shopping at Victoria’s Secret, she will let you see her panties. You love how her pink panties accentuate her little bubble butt. Dani asks you what the limit is on your credit card because there is a lot more that she could do for you if the limit is high enough. If you promise to buy her new shoes, she will take off her panties, and you agree to this as well. Now, what Dani really needs is a new car. What could she do to get a new car from you? How about if she jerks you off and lets you cum on her face? Will that do it? Hell, yes, it will! She takes your cock into her hand and finishes you off in virtually no time.

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