Worship and Denial

“I’ve been called the “Queen of Tease” many, many times and I’ve yet to meet anyone who can resist my amazing talent. This is the epitome of tease and denial: your Goddess using her unbelievable body to torment you in every way. I begin in a tight black velvet dress, but soon peel it off to expose a tiny black thong and lacey bra. Continue to download »

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Sweaty Soles

“I’ve been wearing these amazing leather boots all day without socks to ensure that my feet are filthy, sweaty, and pungent. Now, you’re going to be cleaning them with your little slave tongue. Let my sweet foot stink envelope you as I press my foot to your face. Continue to download »

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Goddess Snow & Miss Noel Knight – Two Asses Are Better Than One

“Miss Noel Knight and I know how you little ass junkies just can’t get enough of our plump, juicy asses. You practically cum in your shorts when we let you have a little peek up our dresses, so we’re going to work you over good in this one. In our short, tight dresses and teeny little thongs, you’re really in for some cock workout. Get your nose up there boy and imagine what it would be like to worship!” Continue to download »

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Goddess Snow – 5 Minutes to Cum

“I’m going to give you five minutes– that’s right– five whole minutes to jerk your cock into oblivion. I’m going to tease, taunt, and egg you on throughout this whole five minutes, but if you don’t make it before the clock runs out… oh well! Watch me in a tight black dress and black thigh-high stockings in my darkly elegant dungeon. Continue to download »

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – White Satin Panties Tease

“I own so much black lingerie that it’s nice to wear white every once in a while– especially when it’s these amazingly hot white satin panties. Watch in awe as the panties hug the curves of my delicious ass, and stroke in a daze as I tease you mercilessly in them. Can you feel yourself growing weaker with each stroke? Continue to download »

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Goddess Snow – Toilet Talk

“It’s my last day here in Las Vegas and I was admiring what a gorgeous and spacious bathroom there was in my suite when it dawned on me… I should’ve had a toilet slave there to serve my hot friends and I while we were filming. Since I am about to leave on a long flight, I go ahead and use the restroom, but not before a give you a nice humiliating fart. Continue to download »

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