Dani Daniels Jerk Off Encouragement

“Dani Daniel’s is back to give your cock more of what you’ve been waiting for. She is lounging on the couch wearing shiny yellow hot pants with nude colored stockings and a black bra. She invites you to pull your cock out of your pants and stroke that cock while she stands over the top of you with her nice plump camel toe just inches from your face. Continue to download »

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Jacking it for my best friend’s daughter

You are going on a fishing trip with your best buddy. When you arrive, you see that his daughter is waiting for you. She knows you have a lot of money, so she will help you to jerk off before your trip if you promise to buy her something nice. Her daddy does not buy her anything, but you certainly will. Unzip those pants and let Dani see what you have. You know you have a big cock, so you hope that will impress Dani. Continue to download »

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College freshman jerk session with Dani Daniels

Your student Dani is a flirt. She wants to see you jerk off and you have no problem with this request. Even though she is only a college freshman, she seems to know what she is doing. You can see how tight her body is and you really want to see her titties. They look so perky and soft. Finally she removes her bra and you see her perfect tits. Continue to download »

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A big load for my step sister

You have the hottest step sister in the world. She feels that there is some tension between you and she knows exactly how to fix things. Dani confesses that she thinks about you and she wonders if you do the same. She asks you to take out your cock and when she sees it, she says that you really are her “big” brother. Why don’t you stroke it for her? It will make Dani’s pussy wet. Continue to download »

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Jerk it for me daddy (18-year-old Dani Daniels)

“Your step daughter loves to call you “daddy” and you love to hear her say that. You are a little surprised when she tells you that she has been thinking about you. You are not related by blood, so she thinks that the two of you can work something out. She asks to see your cock and when she sees how hard it is, she is quite pleased. It would only be fair for her to show you her titties, so she removes her bra. Continue to download »

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Dani caught stealing

You have caught Dani stealing and she will do anything for you not to call her parents. She is scared and you decide to take advantage of that fact. She says that she is only 18 and that she is really a good girl. In fact, if you promise not to tell, she will let you cum on her titties. That sounds like a good deal for a working class guy like you, so you whip out your dick and start rubbing yourself. Continue to download »

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