Lessons in Humiliation 1-8

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Sissy Fag

“So I was going through the collection of porn on your computer and I made a very interesting discovery; it was all little sissy faggot bitches being fucked, and fucked up, by some big, hot, gay male studs! We know that with your little pindick, you could never be a the leather daddy/bear type….so, that means you want to be a little fairy whore, right? Continue to download »

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Cum On Slutty Mum’s Panties

“I have a special twisted treat for my special sissy boy today. I want you to fetch your Mum’s lipstick, the one she wears when shes’s sucking cock. Go into the laundry and find a pair of your Slutty Mum’s dirty Panties. I know you’re embarrassed by how sluttly your Mum is…how she goes out to bars on the weekend and picks up different men all the time. Continue to download »

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Dirty panty sissy jerk off lesson

“You are a panty perv and Anna knows it. You have good taste it seems, since you used Anna’s $300 panties for your private jerk session. Now you are forced to put on those crusty panties and jerk for Anna. When she calls you a sissy, your little dicklet jumps. You see how her hand moves and you wish it were wrapped around your dick. Maybe you are thinking about a guy fucking your sissy hole from behind or maybe you would rather suck a cock? Continue to download »

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Masturbate Theater with Kimberly Kane (Great Aunt Vera’s Panties)

In this installment of Masturbate Theater, Kimberly Kane dedicates a story to all of you sissy boys. Get out your panties, heels, and stockings and get ready for some special time with Kimberly. She reads you a story called Great Aunt Vera’s Panties by the fire. Kimberly knows how much of a panty sissy you are and she is completely certain that you will listen as you stroke your dick. This is not just story time. Oh, no, it is more than that. Continue to download »

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